Become X9 Streamers,
Let The World See You

4 Key Benefits of X9 LIVE Streamers

Big Pool of Viewers

Xtensive exposure of up to 150 million viewers that can recognise your talent as you perform. Unlock unlimited possibilities with X9 now!

Extravagant Streaming Experience

X9 is one of the best live broadcasting companies in Malaysia. Providing you with limitless resources to produce mesmerising live performances.

Exceptional Convenience

Xpecially built with intuitive features that enable you to start your live-streams within a few clicks. Let's pwn the social world as you wish!

Professional Platform

Xtremely stable stream that promises smooth live streaming everytime. Allow you to enjoy seamless interaction with your fans 24/7.

3 Easy Steps to Become X9 Streamers



Visit or install X9 LIVE APP and sign up a free account with X9.


Fill Up Form

Go to “Me” page. Fill in your details & submit “Want to Become a Streamer” registration form for Admin's approval. You will receive a notification once your application is approved.



Enjoy sharing your most original content and be the next superstar!